Escape Attic Storage

Escape Attic Storage 1.0.1

73rd Escape Game by Quicksailor.

73rd Escape Game by Quicksailor.

73rd Escape Game by Quicksailor. Its summer vacation and you go to your aunt’s house to spend your holidays. As the days went by, you felt a bit bored and wanted to play a good game with your aunt’s children and you all decide to play hide & seek. When Aaron went to count the rest went to hide all over the house, you were wondering where to hide and at that moment you find the attic of the house opened and you decide to hide in there. As soon as you enter the place, by mistake you tap the door and it closes and gets locked. Since it a very old door it’s a bit heavy and tight to open. All you need to do is there are a lot of hidden objects in the room which will help you to get a good stuff to open this door and get out as soon as possible before all start to look out for me. Go ahead play this skillful app and escape from the attic without any trouble. Have a challenging playtime!

Download this free escape app and have an amazing play!


Go through the attic collect all the objects and get the right tool to open the door and escape. With the help of some hints use the objects in the right place and open the door easily and get out without any trouble.


• 100% Free to Download.

• Realistic Graphics.

• Escape App.

• Attic Escape.

• Skill App.

• Challenging App.

• Lots of Objects to Collect.

• Tricky Puzzles to Solve.

• Looks Simple but Very Tricky.

Escape Attic Storage


Escape Attic Storage 1.0.1